Sushil Gaikwad

Election 2019

Independent Candidate from Greenwich and Woolwich

Hello, I am Sushil, a proud British Indian based out of Greenwich.

I was born in India – in a small village in the state of Maharashtra. I came to the UK at the age of 26 with hopes and dreams to build my future in the UK.

UK has given me a lot – my career, my family, my friends, my community and importantly, key British values that I now live by. These values define me. These values strengthen me.

It is a country I love and I believe it is now my duty to give back my time and commitment for her glory and fight for her rights!

In recent years, I have been very disappointed with all the main parties – Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dem. They fight less for the interests of people, more for their own! They seem to have lost their integrity and honesty and have demonstrated a willingness to drag the country that every citizen loves into the ground.

The recent behaviour of MPs in the parliament has also been appalling and the politics of this country seems to have lost its way. People are quickly beginning to lose their voice!

Hence, I want to take a lead in the voice of the people. I promise to fight back to make sure that this voice is heard, to bring back the integrity and honesty of the country.

I have no intention to be a run-of-the-mill MP; instead, I intend to become a future generation MP that fights only and only for the interest of people and the UK!

I will not fit into the regular norm of the Westminster Parliament MP because my interests lie in making the voice of my locals heard.

When I stand up in parliament in the future, I will not be tied to vested interests or the party lines. I am free to stand up for you, for my own constituency and for what I believe in.

In recent years, the political scene in the UK has changed; more and more people are disconnecting themselves from mainstream parties. More than 30 MPs in parliament are now independent candidates, the only true voice of the people!

Let’s make that independent voice of people stronger.
Vote Independent, Vote for your voice to be heard!

I am a solicitor, based in Greenwich, and have been serving the local community since 2010. I know my community and I know the voters that drive the local economy. I know what you want and what you need because I live amongst you, in contrast to the current Labour and Tory big-wigs who know nothing of local struggles.

Why I am standing as an independent candidate

I have no ties to any party and therefore, am not compelled to tow any party line. You might say voting for an independent candidate is a waste of a vote, but I disagree with this notion.

I strongly believe that only an independent MP can whole-heartedly represent the true interest of the voters and work towards their shared goals.

If I get elected, I can voice the concerns of my local voters without the worry of it going in the direction of any wider party politics.

I am simply here to represent the views of my voters without filtering them to suit my own agenda. A vote for me is a vote for you.

My Manifesto for Greenwich and Woolwich

On Equality

I am a strong believer in the notion of equality in every aspect of society. Coming from an Asian minority background, I have first-hand experience of true equality in Britain. I understand what works, and which problems continue to persist. I believe in an inclusive equality policy for British society as a whole. I will continue to fight against any discrimination, racism, and any exclusionary policies that governments present, and intend to implement across my voters in the near future

I intend to bridge the gap inequality has created and address any issues that prevent it from happening, whether they pertain to gender, race, sexuality, or any other aspect of human life. I want every voter in my constituency to walk the streets in safety knowing that they will not be singled out or judged for any reason. I am determined to bring a better tomorrow in any way I can for my local area and British society as a whole.

I strongly believe that Great Britain should continue to be a role model for the wider world, taking leadership to address any inequality issues head-on.

About NHS

The NHS has been a hot topic for the past two decades for any sitting government, and rightly so. Dramatic and widespread cuts have damaged our excellent healthcare system, and something needs to be done before it drifts past the point of repair.

I will continue to fight for more funding to be allocated to the NHS across Britain, whilst also speaking out against the cost wastage on hiring external consultants to address NHS problems.

We should be investing our money directly in the NHS itself to improve the healthcare for our citizens.

Funding should be used to invest in new technology to help improve the functionality and reliability of the entire NHS operation, whilst also reducing waiting time for those in need. New technology should be used to reduce the pressure on nurses and doctors.

On Economy

The current government has completely abandoned any economic policies to help SMEs and local businesses, which are the heartbeat of the local economy. The current government has implemented policies to benefit and support large corporations at the expense of local businesses, and this must stop.

If I am to be elected, I will push for more incentive schemes to support the local SMEs and businesses to reinvigorate the local economy.

More support and no red-tape is essential to grant businesses and start-ups the benefits they deserve.

About Politics

As a proud Indian-British citizen, I believe in Brexit and standing firm against the Labour and Lib Dem parties. However, I am also well aware that we live in a political reality in which no one trusts any of our main parties.

Therefore, the system simply must change, which is why I am pushing for more independent representation.

For Local Community in Greenwich and Woolwich

If I were voted in, I would be committed to assisting the residents of Greenwich and Woolwich with issues they find most pressing. Of priority, I believe, would be:



Having been a victim of crime myself in my local constituency, I have noticed that the current MP has taken no action nor made any attempt to even listen to the locals who cry for help every day. Increased funding is essential to reduce local crime and have our streets feeling safe again. I pledge that my first job will be to find a solution to reduce the crime rate in London.



I will fight for improved support for Local Businesses. All the current parties be it Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem or Green have received donations from huge corporations so any policy will only benefit these corporations. It is with sheer hypocrisy that any of the parties say they fight for the survival of local businesses! Only an independent candidate will truly fight for the interests of local business. It is in my best interest to continue fighting for the benefits of local businesses.



Housing has been an issue for all the people from my local constituency. The UK government should resolve the housing issue once and for all, not kicking it under the carpet! We need affordable housing for the people of the UK and not luxury housing that only caters to the greed of foreign investors! We need to have a clear goal on the housing issue that will affect the people for generations to come!



The referendum sent a very clear message to the EU and to the rest of the world about what the citizens of the UK truly want! A second referendum is not possible and should not happen in the name of true democracy. I don’t support any second referendum because it will set a very wrong precedent to a democratic society! I will support further extension of Brexit deadline only if it is in the interest of the UK to get a good deal. The whole parliament should unite to deliver Brexit, the true voice of the UK people! Not ask for a second referendum!

As an independent candidate, I might not be driving force in the parliament, but I believe that a small force is the one that will achieve the biggest change!

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